Agrimat s.r.l.
S.S. per Voghera, 97/1
15057 Tortona (AL) Italy
P.IVA 02369010067
From Monday to Friday 8:00-12:00 14:00-17:30

TEL: +39 0131 866304
FAX: +39 0131 815289

About us

Agrimat srl replacements the di Piero Morini on 1st July 2012. The firm di Piero Morini was established on 1st Jan. 1978. Initially the di Piero Morini produced simple mechanicals graders for little producers of fruits and vegetables. Successively, in consequence required of clients that to conform at the new technology, has start the production of complete lines with advance technology, building electronics weight gradres and optic, till to build line of last generation, for little fruits, with high speed. Since ten years the firm produce machine for fresch cut and ready to eat lines, it has a showroom with laboratory.

Headquarter in Tortona (AL) - Italy

The direct relation is warranty for the personalization of the lines and thanks to tehnique knowledges the firm can to assure quick decisions.